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OC Meme - Akira by Koto-wari OC Meme - Akira by Koto-wari
By request of ~Drakenzar I did this meme. :3

If you have any questions about Akira, don't hesitate do ask them. I can't promise a decent answer, since I don't know everything about my characters... Like what kind of music they'd listen to. ._. Akira's not that into music. I, however have a very clear image about Aya's liking.

Oh, well, I hope you like it.

You can always suggest other memes here: [link]

Akira and everyone else in this meme (except Kyo) (c) to me
Kyo Wakamiya (c) Alice19th - Yuu Watase (I don't like to compare my characters to existing characters. :B)
Original meme (c) =TheRealTriplesix [link]
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Toivoshi Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2010
He's a pretty interesting character, I like how detailed the info about him is (the background and all). ^^
Koto-wari Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2010
Oh, thank you. ^_^

I'm glad you like him. : D
Ah, well... I had a year to figure it out. :3 The story is far from complete, but it's taking shape.
Drakenzar Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2010
First COMMENT!!!! :excited:

Yey it's done. Did'nt see it earlier in the inbox :XD:

Cant wait to read it up.
Koto-wari Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2010
All of my watchers seem dead. |D
I put it up last night,like I said. XD

Alright, if you do... I expect a big/long post with your (honest) oppinion. :3
Drakenzar Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2010
Maybe they'll come alive in the weekend? ;D (Does "Rise from the Dead" :XD: )

Ok~ My Critic box will open for you. ^_^

Your style definately has become original and it looks impressive too. Colouring is impeccable, so much so that I wish I could hire you as my art tutor :XD: I have a special affinity for blue colour and white hair so Akira definately suits to my liking. :D His character persona is also good.

However it's the blue which contradicted my thought a little. You mentioned that he's and "Air" elf raised by "Earth" elves but his clothing makes it obvious to him being an Air elf than to an Earth elf. It is his signature outfit but none the less I thought I should point this out to you. Maybe add some earth colours to him?

Overall he's a "KICK ASS" COMBO!!! And I know a song for him "Lilium" From "Elfen Lied" :XD:

May I draw my version of him please? *puppy eyes*
Koto-wari Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2010
I hope they do. |D

Alright. *eager*

Ahw... Well, I don't have time for it now...
Same here actually. Blue is such an amazing colour.
Good. :D I don't want him to be... Gary Sue-ish. I did a M/Gary Sue test and Akira only scored 12%... which is like awesome. |D

*shakes head* I think that adding earth colours would most likely ruin his colour scheme. Also, it's irrelevant to his clothing which element he is.
I think that because Aya's grandmother made it (who basically has no idea about Akira's history or elemental relations), she picked the colours that would suit him. Blue is a calm colour, and it goes well with his eyes and hair colour.
His casual clothing however, is more dull than this one.
On a side note, Aya, who is of the Earth Element, wears green tones as her signature outfit. (Which doesn't mean she doesn't wear any other colours. She's probably the most fashion-minded of all my characters.) Arien is Water element, but he's mainly orange. |D

OH YES! Akira, you heard that? Drake thinks you're awesome. 8D
*is ignored*
Oh really? Can I have a (youtube) link?
"Elfen Lied"... I wonder what language that title is in... It's so much like my own. ._."

Of course you can. ^_^ I :heart: fanart. |D
Drakenzar Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2010

Ah well regarding me drawing Akira, I've completed drawing him but I shojo-fied him a lot OTL.....I mean your Akira now looks somewhat like Yuu Watase type Akira:XD: ... Not that I copied from somewhere, I just wanted a face like Kyo but....well, I changed his hair style too and.... OTL

I wanted to suprise you so I want your permission to upload it on dA. Also since I've majorly experimented on him, I further want your permission to experiment colouring on him. Only if you will say so then shall I colour and upload it on dA :D
Koto-wari Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2010

And my style is already shoujo-ish... Could always be shoujo-er, but ... XD
You made me really curious. :0
What did you do to my Akira??

Of course you may upload it on dA, just say where you found him. |D
Well, it's your work... Why should I be the one to decide what you do with it. ;3
just make sure he's recognisable ._."
Drakenzar Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2010
Here is the pencil art :XD: [link]

Hope you like him and so sorry for the changes m( )m

Ah and this is Elfen Lied's Lilium [link]
Koto-wari Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2010
Le me take a look. : D
Of course I'll like him, why wouldn't I?

Alright,I'll put that link somewhere where I can easily get it... since the sound doesn't work here. XD
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