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The deviations you find in my Favourite's are works that in some way or another managed to capture my attention, be it by their artistic value, techinical work or simply because they are based on a wonderful idea, no matter how simple they may be. My favourites usually describe what I'm into at the moment and I won't deny that there's a lot of FanArt in here. But I also appreciate the occasional "Original" Art.

If you see something that strikes your attention, please visit the artist who made it. What you see is only one part of their gallery. Who knows what else may be hidden amongst it?


//copied from ChikitaWolf

Hoshino's post is here:…

Okay, so this might be asking for too much, but it'd be really rad if y'all could help us with spreading awareness about Hoshino's message. Some of us DGM fans are trying to keep raws from Chapter 219 from being shared and reposted here on deviantART, but it's hard when the knowledge about Hoshino's message isn't spreading fast enough. 

So if possible, could y'all help us out? Just uploading a journal or a poll is fine, or even private messaging your friends. We're really trying to keep the damage to a minimum here as much as possible out of respect for Hoshino. The last thing we wanna do is ruin her week because fans got too excited and now might hurt her sales...

-Edited- We're not announcing Chapter 219 SpoilersEdit: I figured it'd be a given, but this also means we won't be accepting chapter 219 manga colorations until the legitimate release date, which is on the 17th. If you submit anything like this to our group, it'll sit in the approval process until Friday. Thanks!
((ALSO, as a PSA to the community, please remember that not all DGM groups are spoilers groups, such as DGray-Man-SJ and D-Gray-Man-Fans; it'd be considerate to check before you submit spoiler colorations in case the admins there do not want to be spoiled..))
Hey, everyone!
I've deleted the spoilers (images and link to Raws) I initially posted just a few minutes ago because I was recently informed of an announcement from Hoshino Katsura on her instagram. She has been disappointed by the spoiler leaking (which was half of the raws for her newest chapter). Because of this, DGray-Man101 will NOT be posting chapter 219 spoilers out of respect for Hoshino because of what has happened. All that's
Reminder: Spoiler-free groupHello everyone!
with Chapter 219's release upon us, I would really like to remind people that this is a spoiler free group.
Meaning, please don't submit artwork related to the new chapter to any of the folders before we made the announcement journal. It will be declined. And you'll have a very annoyed co-founder because I for one hate spoilers :D

I would also like to remind you that Hoshino is not happy with the leaked scans.
So don't, and I mean it, post any of the pages on instagram (and anywhere else, but especially instagram). Hoshino /might/ even follow the D.Gray-man tag because she has seen so many pages reposted that it prompted her to make a post on her own instagram:

Hoshino Katsura has been disappointed by the D.Gray-Man Chapter 219 spoiler leeking, so please keep her in mind (read more in the above thumbnail). There's a post circulating on Tumblr asking the same of Tumblr blogs. It'd be cool if folks on dA did the same. And don't circulate them on instagram

Yes, the spoilers are already out, but the least we can do is not promote them by reblogging and sharing.

Edit: ALSO, as a PSA to the community, please remember that not all DGM groups are spoilers groups, such as DGray-Man-SJ; it'd be considerate to check before you submit spoiler colorations in case the admins there do not want to be spoiled..
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